Curate your academic profile.

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Tell the story of your work, collaborate, explore, discover. Make your Portfolio entries public in Showroom – both apps are complementary.

Stay up to date

Begin a dialogue with your community while your work is still evolving. Engage with what your community is working on as it happens. See all of the latest art projects, works and upcoming events from your peers, friends and colleagues to stay ahead of the latest developments. Keep it simple. Stay informed, when new developments are published from the departments and researchers you are interested in.

Start a dialogue

Let your work do the talking. Portfolio & Showroom allow for high resolution audio, video and images to be presented on your profile to bring it to life. Engage an inter and cross disciplinary audience for a wide impact. This is not a static profile, this is your personal Showroom page. It is a starting point for a conversation. Let your community support your journey. Presenting your evolving ideas allows you to win valuable engagement as you continue to develop your work.

Tell the story of your work

Show the journey of your work not just the end result. Being able to exhibit a work in progress as opposed to simply showing a finished product allows you to bring in valuable support as your work evolves. Present the focus and connections of your research by building networks through tags and links with other’s work. There’s a method to the madness.

Curate your academic profile

Your definition of your achievements becomes ours. Depending on their fields, artists and scholars value varying outputs. We have therefore excluded algorithms and metrics which assign values to outputs according to some generic scheme. You want the drafts on top and the finished work at the bottom? No problem. You care about your performances more than your publications? Go ahead. You are the curator. Take control of how the world sees you.

Systematic Search and Serendipity

Find who and what you are looking for. With linked data of names, keywords, skills and a free text search you can easily find who and what you care about. Discover new projects and artists. Jump down the rabbit hole and see where you end up. Linked data on Showroom allows for serendipity to lead you to new discoveries. Find like minds. Identify new partners to collaborate with on your next project or exhibition.

Explore and get inspired

Find people and projects you didn’t know you were looking for. Indulge your inner flaneur. Saunter through digital exhibition rooms showing the latest art and research of the university. Be inspired by the latest research from the comfort of your own sofa. Let your curiosity be your only limit. Venturing outside of your own bubble can be inspiring and hugely productive.

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