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What is Portfolio & Showroom?

Modern Web Application built with Vue.js, Django, Docker, and Elastic Stack

Free and Open Source

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Self-hosted or via Service

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Technical Requirements for self-hosting

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Roadmap Portfolio

v 1.1

  • Improved user interface
  • Two new types of entries: “Design” and “Fellowship and Visiting Affiliation
  • New roles and types: Supervisor, proof-reading, copyediting, video, as well as transcript, manuscript, …
  • Improved API: We have re-named and re-arranged the categories of your web presentation to better meet your needs.
  • Improved assignment of roles when the entry type is changed. This means that the type of contribution is assigned to the respective fields.
  • The save button now checks whether there are actually any changes. If changes are deleted again, the hint to unsaved changes disappears.
    Bug fixing

v 1.2

  • Preparation for Showroom
  • Bug fixing

v 1.3 (current version)

  • Import from library catalogue, see brief introduction on YouTube or in Showroom.
  • Import via BibTeX
  • Media files are checked for viruses and malware with ClamAV
  • Media files can now be scrolled through directly in the preview (lightbox).
  • Portfolio types and roles are constantly being expanded and specified (to avoid unclear designations; e.g. in addition to “conference report” there is now also “conference proceedings”)
  • Bug fixes

v 1.4 

  • Connection to PHAIDRA (repository)
  • ORCID integration
  • Sharing of entries with other users

Roadmap Showroom

v 1.0 (current version)

v 1.1

  • Showroom pages for universities, institutes, faculties, departments, study programmes, projects, etc.
  • Import activities that mention you

v 2.0

  • Cross-university search (PAART—Platform of Austrian Art Universities)