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Brings method to your creative madness.

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Developed with artists and researchers, Portfolio is a one stop shop to keep all of your ideas, ongoing projects and completed work and research organised and secure, in a place you can access from anywhere.

Stay in Control of your Data

We are not in the business of funny business. Only you have access to your Portfolio. It is a private repository for the digitised files and documents relating to your art and research. No copies of your uploaded documents and data are stored in the cloud or made public – in any sense of “public” you can think of – without your permission and if you decide to delete anything, it’s really gone.


Manage your research and declutter your work space. Portfolio is designed to support your workflow from start to finish to make managing your research easy. Files you never look at anymore taking up space? Portfolio is a place where you can keep all of those posters, flyers and videos for your exhibition in one place, so your mind is free for new work.

Access anytime from anywhere

Now you can keep your portfolio with you at all times without needing extra baggage allowance. Portfolio allows you to preview and playback files in their original quality. A feature that is essential for anyone who doesn’t only create text documents and sheets with numbers. So, you can not only tell people you made a movie, but show it to them too. It is also possible for Alumni to retain access to Portfolio after graduation.

Optimise your workflow

Portfolio supports the realisation of your plans and ideas. Here, everything you produce during your creative process, from the first ideas to the exhibition reviews has its place. Your Portfolio can also be exported and used in external sites such as WordPress (via API and/or WordPress-Plugin) so you don’t have to duplicate the work. We consulted continuously with researchers and artists during the development process. We are constantly updating features based on user feedback.


Share your work with other Portfolio users and edit the same data together. Although the entries in Portfolio are private, you can share certain information with other Portfolio users. You determine who has access. With this function (see roadmap) you can work together on the next exhibition announcement, book presentation or research documentation.

It’s Political

Art & research is so much more than what gets peer reviewed. Portfolio bridges the gap left by traditional systems which focus on a finished product and mostly article and book publications alone by giving a place to what artists and researchers really produce and care about. There’s also no data mining. Portfolio is managed by your institution, not a large international corporation making money by selling publicly funded research back to those, who produce and fund it in the first place.

Are you interested in Portfolio & Showroom for your institution?