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General overview and deep insights

Uncover trends

Understand what researchers and students in different departments work on and value. The ability to self-determine the most important aspects of one’s portfolio on an academic profile can speak volumes to the direction and future trends of researchers.

See diverse outputs

Instead of defining in advance, which outputs are to be evaluated, and thus only measuring these, Portfolio & Showroom give you flexible options for evaluating art and science. You determine what is to be understood as artistic and scientific output. With the method you have created, you will get a much more detailed insight into the directions and trends that research is taking in your institution. You define what information you transmit to research institutions so that you can plan for additional funding for the future.

Foster collaboration

Discover possible topic specific points of contact between the departments in order to enable cooperation in your university.

The new era of user focussed research data management

Protect privacy

With increased awareness for privacy and data protection questions, Portfolio & Showroom empowers the users and protects the interests of the arts. For instance, users are encouraged to select a copyright license for every file uploaded to their Portfolio and the system provides art-specific categories and other tools lacking in standard system. By default, the data is stored on your servers not on those of external providers.

See the full scope of the work being done

This system supports the work flow of researchers from start to finish.

Rather than focusing on traditional forms of outputs, like publications and exhibitions only, users can keep all information and documents for their projects together, making it easier to convey the full scope of their work and track progress.

Be part of the change

It’s no exaggeration: Researchers have full control of their data. Portfolio & Showroom therefore adopted several layers of control so that the user can determine not only which aspects of their data is accessible and visible to other parties but also to be able to retract data and information at a later date.

Shifting the concept of scientific output

Portfolio & Showroom is metric free. Standard CRIS systems use metrics which devalue the output of arts researchers by always placing publications and scientific outputs as the most highly valued. Portfolio & Showroom moves away from measuring impact and output by pre-determined and limiting scopes centred heavily around scientific outputs. In the long run, this can change the way academic output is understood.

Expand the impact of the arts

Designed with the users it serves: Working with different end users from leading arts universities in Austria, Portfolio & Showroom developed a custom vocabulary which can capture all aspects of artistic outputs and skills.

Curate your institution’s output: Enable exhibiting projects and works beyond individual disciplines, institutions and geographical boundaries.

Foster collaboration: Don’t simply capture outcomes. Portfolio & Showroom fosters interdisciplinary and cross-institutional engagement during the research process.

Exchange and Cooperation

Enable your researchers to connect with the world in a meaningful way: As Showroom allows researchers to present ideas for new projects as well as on-going projects, it offers the possibility for exchange and cooperation that adds real value to their work.

Keep up to date with what other institutions are doing: Individually administered home pages for each department allows you to quickly gain over-sight of current developments and new projects within each department.

Reinforce the strength of your network: The digital era allows professional networks to be maintained and grown far beyond that which was previously possible. Portfolio & Showroom is a digital environment which fosters that digital community to allow researchers to take full advantage of those possibilities without the need to give their information and data away to commercial databanks.

Connect and build new partnerships: Use the possibilities of the digital world to meet like-minded people.

Expand the visibility of your institution

Unleash the talent of your institution: By adopting a metric free CRIS system which captures all of the outputs and activities an artistic researcher undertakes, a more complete picture can be formed of your university’s talents.

Allow departments to showcase their latest research: Encourage exchange across departments by allowing current ongoing projects to be exhibited digitally. This allows people outside of each department to see what is going at the university and get inspired.

Cost effective

  • Portfolio & Showroom is open source and free.
  • All relevant documentation and code are freely available on Github.
  • Low maintenance means low human resource requirement to maintain the system.
    Information for IT-departments
  • Low-cost service agreements are also possible. Please Contact us for more details.