The open source solution to organise and exhibit your work and research.

Designed for humans.

Illustration Softwarefunktionen

One platform, many solutions

Organise and store your art and research

Share and exhibit the story of your work

Are you interested in Portfolio & Showroom for your institution?

Made for art universities. And for humans.

Make your work visible, no matter what stage it is at; as announcement, publication or documentation.

P & S is a completely new current research information system (CRIS) that supports you in your daily work and does not want to cause you any additional work.


The search in Showroom includes all instances of the network (from version 2.0, see roadmap).


The applications are based on free open source technologies (OSS and FLOSS).


Strong focus on usability and user experience.


The information published in Showroom can be evaluated for external reports.