Feature information
for research output reporting

Illustration Softwarefunktionen


High quality, consistent data (linked open data)

Excel templates available


Intuitive interface

Automatic report generation

Exported as csv ready to use in Excel template

Expanded data capture options for the arts

A custom vocabulary allows you to capture and report on a wider range of activities and outputs

Gain deeper insights with a higher granularity of data

Portfolio users no longer just enter the data for the research output reporting.

Users retain control over their data and can use it for multiple purposes. The analysis only starts with the published data. So, it is clear to everyone involved which data is used for what.


Expand the vocabulary to your needs

Low cost

Minimal human resources required


Planned service available to customise reporting and data management to the needs of your institution once Showroom is launched in 2021

Easily select output ranges for different reports